Friday, January 13, 2012

seriously. do we not all want to do this when we hit the beach aftersnow and cold?

and while on the above beach i was thinking about how i have been neglectful of this little blog over the holidays.

and a funny thing hit me. the realization that i certainly do not have a lack of things that i want to share about...i am just tired.


even with the break on the beach.

so obviously this has to change:).

too tired to take pictures and write?


so, i will be shaking off these winter lazies and returning to the fray of the things i love to do. with a puppy on my lap.
although he is almost too big for my lap now.
because things change fast.

which is exactly why i was thinking about the blog on the beach.

so hi:)

what are you getting back to? anything exciting? or interestingly boring?

1 comment:

sharon said...

Get your B12 levels checked. I too felt tired all the time and it turns out there was a reason - low iron and b12. :)