Monday, June 21, 2010

world, please stop moving so fast. i need to catch up.

things have been non stop lately. which is a good thing, but it has left me spinning, trying to keep up most days.
not a natural feeling for someone who likes ( read: needs!!) things to be done in a certain way, at an expected time, and according to my desires;).

i am frustrated.
a lot.

so tonight, i am going to bed. i will start with a little sleep.
that should help.

off again tomorrow morning early with the little guy to montreal.
but we had a lovely time tonight with an early evening walk to the beach.
i have taken a bazillion photographs in the last week of activities, parties and field trips.
just me and the baby and the lake.
and a surfboard.
and sailboats.
yay summer:)

(taken with my diana+ lens, on my 7D with a converter stuff:))


Finola said...

I am frustrated a lot and feel busy all the time too. What is the answer? Please?

DaniGirl said...

Ah, it must be something in the air. I am so having that week. Good news is, the ocean is only five days away -- that's how those of us who don't have the Lake nearby survive! ;)