Sunday, October 3, 2010

The September Family in October

Because that is the crazy kind of month it has been.
The monthly update...

Holly is making us run.
Hockey has started. But she has also landed the role of a villager in the local production of Beauty and the Beast ( it is no Simba, but we are pretty sure she will rock the villagers with her enthusiasm;).
And guitar. Oh, guitar.
Thank you Graham Greer for making our daughter one happy girl. She goes in smiling and comes out smiling. Her musical career has been launched and we could not be more thrilled for her, lol. Watch out Taylor, Holly has her sunburst Fender and is not afraid to use it...

Hedley, charity bowls, friends and calls home from school.
That sounds about right.
I am not going to write any more because he has a right to some privacy,lol. He is all kinds of good. And tall. See that photo? Yeah, catching up to Mark at an alarming rate. I am now Shorty to him. The maternal nickname tradition continues.

And Alex.
Not looking at the camera. No surprise there. He continues to boycott his camera sibling at every turn, unless  I am wearing a truck on my head. And the truck in his hand? Typical. His love of "whoas" continues.
Oh, wait, we are not allowed to use that word any more. Damn speech therapy rules.
And "num"? Out the window. Not NUM, food. Okay.
But whatever you say, we are not teaching him "all done", speech delay or not. He will be "finished". Turkeys are "done", people are "finished".
But wait, he has 51 words, so he does not really have a speech delay. You need to have only 50 words to qualify for services. I am still shaking my head at that.
The huge news for him this month was the results of his follow up allergy testing. No peanut allergy. Thank you very much, allergy gods. Egg allergy, yes, but we can handle that...just don't give him any batter please:).

He has returned to the arena and could not be happier;). Let daddy daughter danger days begin.
And thrilled that I have become an income generating member of the family;). At least for this one month.

And Me.
Well, the Apples and Arts Tour has come and gone. I learned a lot. It was wonderful and fabulous and funny all rolled into one. And I sold a few photos. I know I am being silly...but they could not have found nicer homes. I guess I should hope that one day I will not be able to follow the path of where my photos end up...but for now, I am happy to know that they have found lovely walls to hang out on.

And the month is finished. A year older for me. The last year of elementary school begun for Miss H. First year of preschool for Alex. A family reunion. A family party. Preparing for the taking out of the dock once again. Fall is here.

Month three of our 12 month family snapshot project. Yeah, this one is a little more posed, but I only took two shots. I was talking when the timer went off the first time. Big surprise.

We were at the Avonmore Berry Farm on our annual pumpkin pilgrimage. We have been going here since we moved to Long Sault when Jake was Alex's age. And even at 14, Jake will never say no to a many warm and fuzzy memories;).

And butter tarts. It was all about the butter tarts.

Thanks were was enough. The two and a half I ate was too much;).


m5 said...

LOVE these monthly shots. Love the updates. Heck, I just love you all!
(you and holly with your similar poses are too cute)

Amy said...

Print and frame. SUPER awesome, amazing family pic, Angela. You all look great. I want one just like it!

Lisa Coles said...

This picture is amazing and I love each and every one of you! Happy October :) xo

Anonymous said...

Not really sure how I got to your blog, looking for October family picture ideas. Love your photos!!! Will tell you, had a similar thing happen with a child I take care of with the speech prognosis.... unbelievable.... one word disqualifies him from help....... crazy. I did find a site called that I have been using at home with him and it has helped a ton. You might give it a try! Good luck and keep up the great photos. I'll probably never luck onto your site again...., Vikki B. Indiana

DaniGirl said...

I love? EVERYTHING! about this post. The pic, the update, the fact that you sold those prints -- love!

Maybe some day when our crazy lives are not so crazy, would you think about doing family portraits for me and mine?