Tuesday, January 24, 2012

allergies suck

allergies suck, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

we are still trying to find a balance that allows him to lead as normal a little kid life as possible...but we find ourselves still saying no to most of the things kids get to take for granted.

the egg allergy is still there. and even though he is supposed to be able to tolerate egg in baked goods...he can not always.
christmas parties were a bitch this year.

mc cain cakes? deep and delicious? nope. bad.
( a serious one off food choice that really made him sick)

kernels popcorn? nope. bad.

we really should not be feeding him that crap anyways.
so testing him on a real egg? forget it.

i am still fearful of egg white in icings or someone giving him a meringue.
that is what the epipen is for...but what if?

and then this week.

while we were away on vacation, his skin cleared up.
he normally spends a lot of time being itchy and a little scaley.
but that week?
not a hive to be found in all of the dominican republic.

we were being really careful, so he had a great diet of fruit and veggies and meat...and ice cream. lots of ice cream. for some reason, not even ice cream ( the milk protein ) was affecting him. he came home with skin smoother than we have seen it in years.

and then BANG!

back to hives, hives, hives. even with no egg and no dairy and no soy.

it is really discouraging when you can not figure it out.
the school was even concerned...they were worried they were doing something wrong.

and then i realized what it was.

peanut butter.

at 12 months old, after his first allergy test, we were told no eggs and no peanuts until his next round of testing at 24 months old.
at 24 months old we were told no eggs but peanuts were good to go...there was no remaining allergy threat.

well...he may not be dangerously allergic to peanuts but damn if that is not what triggered this round of reactions. i introduced peanut butter to him this week. something safe. for him.

well, that was shortlived. while it may not cause a life threatening reaction, the day to day discomfort it is causing him has just knocked it back off the *safe to eat* list.

and of course he loved it.

but he understands.

and now he has a cute little allergy bracelet to help others understand it too.
because if we as his parents still manage to mess it up, then how can we expect others to get it right without a little help?

and that medic alert bracelet? you can find it here:
Lauren's Hope


Lisa said...

What a pain! But, what a trooper! He's a cutie...allergies and all. ;)

Anonymous said...

what a cool idea for kids!! I'm gonna share with the moms at my school if you don't mind. i wonder if they have a diabetes button too!

angela auclair said...

share away! i think i saw diabetes bracelets...not sure in this style but go check! they have all kinds of terrific stuff...the necklaces are very cool too. that will be next on my list;). and a great company to order from - very helpful and fast!

Jennifer said...

I understand completely. We go through the same with my son. He's 3.5 and has had eczema since infancy. We've determined most his triggers and we feel safe until, boom. Like you said, a flare up can happen any time. Stay strong and know that you are not alone. It's so difficult, but it's nice to know there are other parents helping their children cope with the same thing.


Chantal said...

on poor little guy, although I am glad you were able to pinpoint it to one thing.

Mitch aka Lazy Artist said...

You this means you need to live in vacationland. ;) I feel for you and your fam for having to go through this...but happily you were able to track it down. Thank you for the link to the bracelet, shared your post/link on Google+ and will be purchasing one. Daughter's best friend was complaining about how booorrrring her medical alert is.
Ciao for now.