Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the making of a photo taking

the making of a photo taking, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

aka: my 3 year old can take as good a picture as i can.

maybe better.

so, with the move and all the transitions that have been gong on over here, i have not had a solid chance to chronicle things how i like.

now, while my kids probably feel this is a good thing...i am left feeling kind of empty. too much action, not enough substance going on. these days seem to be whipping by with no one being particularly thrilled about anything.

the most vocal of all of us is likely the three year old. he is free to yell and scream and kick and announce that he does not like his new school..."it is a bad school mommy. mean teachers. too many teachers. too many kids".

and he may well be right.

but sorry dude...change happens. and with it comes bumps and unhappy moments hopefully mixed in with good times and new experiences.

but for the moment, it is all about distraction...hopefully allowing comfort and acceptance to set in soon.

moments before these photos, this little man was tantruming inside. loudly. like i am sure my neighbours are thrilled we are living here, since he has taken to about everything.

and nothing.

i was trying to take a photo, a selfish one, admittedly, for my own uses ( sanity?), and he was having none of it.

so, in a brief flash of good mommy-ing, i offered him control.

the remote.

i already had the camera set up on the tripod for another shot ( which totally sucked, btw...i so need inspiration...), so when i handed over the remote? he was off and running.

although i do believe he was pretending to shoot my camera with it.

and what happened?


and smiles.

and a relief from the incessant unhappy that seems to plague this little man right now.

hmmmm. a little control made for a little happy.

which reminded me that maybe a whole world of overwhelming is what is making this guy so uncomfortable in his universe right now.

maybe all of us.

and maybe a little handing over of control, and letting him feel large and in charge in this time of change is exactly what he needs.

because that smile? we need more of that here right now.


Amadika said...

looooove this. that shot if him laughing? priceless. and I hear you about changes and bumps and control. I went thru the same "phase" with my boy when his dad left. not easy. for neither of you. kids are resilient. it will get better. and smiles will fill the house once again. meanwhile, you need to clean/paint thoses steps. lol

Justin Van Leeuwen said...

Since he owns copyright on these, when's Getty callin?