Sunday, August 7, 2011


stop, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.
he may have really been saying that.

so, i love this lens. i love most of my photo equipment. at this point, anything i do not love, i have sold. but some pieces of gear really stand out, consistently.

this again is the leica 90mm/f2.0 lens i was gifted last christmas. anonymous old owner? i know you were a photographer and i do not understand why you abandoned so much good, good photo goodness...but thank you.

i promise i am using this lens and loving it the way i hope you did as well.

cheesy, eh? i have attached a whole story as to why she left behind her equipment. it is very romantic and sad. and i hope it is not true, that she simply had more money than sense.

but, if my imaginary broken heart story is the truth...then i really am taking good care of your lenses. i promise.

as for my photo a day?
yep, more kid.

i think i am seeing a theme.
kids. kid. kids. kid.

somewhere in all this, i am still here:).

just behind a kid. a cute one. even if he yells no all the time.
and calls me hotdog man.
and may throw toy trucks at me on occasion.

and sometimes under a kid.
because sometimes, after seeing a real baby? he may just crawl into my lap, for a second, like he used to.

and beside a kid.
because one of my kids has grown as tall as me while she was gone.

and below a kid.
because one of them is now more man than kid. and towers over me.
but still showers me with affection. even if he may be crushing me with his hugs.

so, yeah. i guess i should not be surprised that my photo a day is filled with them.

what was i thinking?


Lisa said...

Love your descriptions of your kids.

Margaret said...

Yep, I too love how you love your kids.

At least Alex isn't licking you again. ;)