Thursday, August 18, 2011

a seaweed summer full of birds.

the august break
a seaweed summer full of birds., originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.
this was pretty well the last peaceful day before the craziness for our next step starts.

so the summer ends like it started, in all it's wonderful simplicity.

water, rocks, sun and birds.

the seaweed was unexpected. and overwhelming...but that seems to be part of the deal this summer with things.
so you move it to the side, learn not to hate it and look expectantly towards the next little while, for when it will no longer be.


Anonymous said...

love your writing, Ange! Kir

rose said...

Love your pictures

Sue from Cornwall said...

Curious as to the name of your next blog...I will follow you religiously

angela auclair said...

thanks guys:))

and sue, as for he new name?? i am so still working on that...i have found a nearby dock and am imagining ways of making it mine...if not only for awhile...

Anonymous said...

I too am sad at the thought of no longer sitting on this dock...LI