Friday, February 18, 2011

like the old days

just me and the babe this morning.
although he is not so much of a babe any more. i will pretend.

when i was in florida a few weeks ago, a friend of the family gave me a gift. two actually. three if you count the bag they came in.

through a friend of hers, she came to have two camera lenses that while she had no use for, she wondered if i would be able to make use of them...

could i?


i nearly died of excitement when i saw these beauties.
a leitz summicron 90mm/2.0 and a leitz super angulon 21mm.

it took me awhile to organize delivery of the adaptor needed to have them fit my camera ( a canon 7D in case you are wondering ) but i have the lenses on now.
today i actually broke them out and took photos with them.

now, these lenses require manual focus as they are not of today's generation of 19 and 52 point auto focus system lenses.
and as i use them i am reminded of how easy much faster photography has become since these lenses were made. a lot of the time i shoot many more shots than i need because i know that if i miss one, i will likely catch it on the next frame.
not today.

i missed more shots today than i have in a long time.
but then i slowed down, lost the pressure, and just focused on each photo. each minute.

and it happened.

i started *getting* what i wanted, what i saw in my head.

i know, they are just photos of my kid. i have a million of them. but they are *real* photos of my boy, of who he is at this moment.

i rush things. all the time. activities, cooking, conversations, friendships...and that is a personality trait that is hard to control...always wanting enthusiastically ( okay...impatiently ) for what is next but also missing the fun of the present.
today? i rejoiced in the moment.
of the few non blurry photos i got.
and in the time it took to cajole and tickle and giggle him into them. there may have been some reverse psychology involved as well. but no bribery;).

it is so not just photography for me.

so thank you carolyn;) for thinking of me.
i love the lenses and will think of you every time i use them.


Chris said...

great lenses - I know this dude in Ontario that would love to try them out - he is very jealous :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful,,,as always. You may not recognize it but you always slow down just enough to be the kind and considerate friend that you are by taking the time to check in and is everything? at just the right being your friend! Shawna

angela auclair said...

You made me teary there, Shawna. Stop it;). I think i am the lucky one with my friends:) who tolerate me.

and chris? next carrot cake off, they are yours to play with:)

DaniGirl said...

Sigh... loved everything about this post. The light, the composition and the subject are unbearably delicious. :)

Chris said...

How did you know it was me? lol

Karen said...

The thought and the photos are beautiful. Maybe I'll turn off auto sometimes to force myself to slow down.