Wednesday, November 7, 2012

so while i take it easy with my back

kitchen by lux decor

 i spent the day photographing pretty houses yesterday.

lux decor, a lovely little slice of design heaven tucked away in the quirkiest mall in the universe ( it is a dog friendly mall!!! how cool is that? ), has had me out to document their projects over the last little while.

the homes are beautiful. big houses, smaller houses, new, old and in between...every time i walk into these homes i am taking notes.

however, despite my love of design, and my increasingly frequent contact with true purveyors of pretty ( oh wait till i share my adventures with nick in jamaica!)...none of this talent and savvy know-how is rubbing off on me. not one bit.

i return home with memory cards full of brilliant, daring choices and i look around my home...and sigh.

where to start.

(oh, i can hear sun-ah, one of the owner/designers of lux yelling "ONE ROOM AT A TIME" at her computer right now)

what if i make a mistake.

(it can be expensive to change an entire room...which is why you need help. well, why i need help because i am terrified of choosing and regretting)

what i like is really hard to find.

(for that i blame my friend vickey. she is the one who brought me to france, introduced me to gorgeous knives with bumblebees on them and with them, the idea that it is important to wait for the very exact *thing* you want, no matter how long it takes. do it right. and exposing me to 15th century chateaus with wineries, filled with inspiring pieces handed down generation to generation, did not help either). 

i have become deft at identifying what  needs to disappear from my home. you know, the broken dresser from 1976 and the lamp with no shade, that just can't live here for one more second. or the really ugly office furniture that i have despised ever since rushing that purchase in staples twelve years ago? whoops. mark does not know about that one yet...

my upstairs hallway is presently filled with furniture that i am surrendering to others. they are great pieces...they just need new homes. except for the office furniture. that piece is just really wrong on many levels. not sure where that piece is going.

soon i will have no choice but to commit to something...anything...because i will have nothing left in my house.

until then, i will fawn over the chic living spaces of others, running my fingers down their velvet banquettes and wondering when the pretty will be mine.

until then, little kid chic and dog durable remains the theme here.

livingroom by alex

library by milo


Chantal said...

I know! I feel the same about my house. Except not only is it not stylish but it is a cluttered mess. So much work to do. We recently bought a new couch and put my 15yo stained piece of crap at the road. The matching love seat (I HATE IT) still lives in our family room. Hopefully it will be gone soon.

Amadika said...

ahaha! the bf is stressing me over and over again about decorating the damn house.. and I keep telling him: I DO NOT want to get just any boring thing in a random store just to "decorate". I know what I want, what I need.. it's just a matter of FINDING it. and having money to buy it. ;-) Decorating is a very personnal thing for me.. I do not want my house to look "home staged" and full of generic stuff.