Monday, August 27, 2012

the august break, twenty seven


i got a new lens today.
and aside from this shot, really can't tell you much about it.
busy days, i tell you!
between the silly germans going back to school last week and the silly quebeckians going back to school on wednesday, my relaxed august mojo has been heartily disrupted.

oh, for those long ontario summer days on the dock...

school is meant to begin after labour day and end before st. jean baptiste day. that is the perfect school year.

and as for the lens, it is the sweet little 40mm/f2.8 pancake lens by canon. it had solid reviews and i was in the mood for something little and prime-y and DoF-y. So far it is delivering. looks teeny on the front of my camera though.

i will share more when i have had a chance to play with it a little more.

until then, still taking a photo a day, just not having any time to write about them.

kids, sun, pool, pups, repeat.

four more days of the august break. then september insanity begins for real.

August Break 2012

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