Tuesday, August 14, 2012

august break, eleven

august break, eleven, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

so, i dragonboated on this day.

i wasn't planning on it.

five minutes after i took this, i found myself being frantically tutored in paddle handling ( well, i was frantic), wearing a life jacket and being loaded into a very impressive looking boat.

i am not a natural at anything on water. or anything athletic, really. but honestly? i did not even have the time to think about it. sometimes you just have to roll with the moment. right. okay.

all i could think about is how i was going to ruin the chances for any victory for my boat mates.

you see, my friends are super athletes...like mega triathlete, marathon loving, black toe sporting, should be in nike commercial worthy sportinistas. they are awesome. and place first in their age groups. and run in places like boston and new york and overnight through the mountains of new hampshire to raise their hands triumphantly in the ocean...i am the thing that does not belong in this group.

and yet, there i was.
no pressure.

just follow the paddle in front of you. just follow the paddle in front of you. just follow the...DAMN!
i almost did not ruin it for them:(.

we came in second...the longest 45 or so seconds of my life!

and thanks to the earth shattering thunder and lightening storm that immediately followed my historic debut, the team finished in second place as the races were canceled due to weather. the first non third place finish in three years!

historic indeed:)

the august break
August Break 2012

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