Saturday, May 28, 2011

proms and princesses and pokey posts

okay, no real princesses but something about the dresses and hair and flowers certainly makes this time of year feel a little fairy tale-ish.

and yes, i am aware that i am propegating traditional stereotypes of women...but such is life. sometimes you just have to celebrate the happy moments and if that involves surrendering to some gender roles and all the expectations around them?

then so be it.

bring on the tiaras.

i have been luckyluckylucky to be surounded by fabulous young women celebrating milestones in the last few weeks. i look at them and remember how exciting a time this was - new schools, new challenges, new lives. my kids are almost there and i hope to be able to enjoy it as freely as i have enjoyed watching these kids celebrate their successes. it is always different when it is your own kids so i hope i remember to just enjoy the excitement of the moment.

so, a nod to tradition. corsages and tulle and satin and boys in suits and fancy cars and parties and ringlets - oh, the ringlets:).  you can never have too many ringlets.

and coupled with all these trimmings?
bright, assertive, capable young women about to continue their education in new schools with an eye towards the future.
how lucky are they.


Natalie @Nat_Rea said...

Gorgeous photos... love the one on the dock.

Natalie @Nat_Rea said...

Gorgeous photos. Love the one on the dock :)

margaret said...

I love how you see teenagers. And it certainly seems you know some amazing ones.

Lisa said...

They're lucky they had you to capture these moments. Such beautiful shots, Ang!

Shereen said...

What a fantastic set of photos! Love the story they tell!