Friday, December 31, 2010

caught up in december

so, my november family photo did not happen.

november was a jumble of change and busy-ness...and i think the fact that i got a christmas card out that somewhat encompassed our whole year in one neat little trifold made me *think* i had actually taken our monthly shot.

december, however, has played out a little differently.
uncertainty has been replaced by plans. now we are just...anticipating...

our little girl is starting at a new high school in september, one that *her* mom may have gone to;), and we are thrilled. this little event seemed to set a series of decisions in motion, leading to what should be a very interesting 2011.

change is good, right?

the kids are busy, we are busy and god knows alex is the busiest...but we managed to have a small, quiet, nice christmas all the same. and a family portrait was taken on christmas day.

just us, our christmas balls and jake's tongue.


yeah. two out of the five shots were graced with the oh so common know, the virus that causes individuals between the ages of 14 and 18 to spontaneously eject their tongues when a camera is placed in front of them. although typically common on facebook pages, our son's affliction reared it's ugly head on family picture day. twice. did i mention that?

and so i share them here, in addition to the one shot where he did not do it.

why? because if you look at my smile, in the first top photograph, you will notice the clenched teeth... through which i am threatening him with many, many, many punishments if that tongue was to make one more appearance;).

ahhhhhh. family life:)

and so this month and year comes to a close, everyone happy and healthy and as obnoxious as ever - we should all be so blessed:).


Tamara said...

Looking forward to seeing how you anticipated year unfolds.

ps. Love the photo in the banner, something so right about it.

Nicki said...

It would appear that Jake comes by this "tongueritis" affliction genetically....
(link below)!/photo.php?fbid=474435436301&set=a.474431031301.261595.570271301