Friday, October 15, 2010

post thanksgiving craziness

it started at chuckie cheese on monday (god, yes, we went. kill me now. happy kids equal insane mommy) and continued full stop all week.

oh the pain of being two...

and it pretty well sums up my state of mind this morning when i turned out of the driveway and realized that i had a BIG problem.
a tire flat to the rim. bad flat. kids to get to school. my thursday morning coffee at "the grind". the dream of being somewhat productive.
or not.
as it turned out.

destroyed by the turn of a screw.

or rather an actual, large screw that had chosen to impale itself into my tire.
le sigh.

but, such is life.
a change of plans never killed anyone...and there may have been therapeutic food involved in my recovery of the day.
and lots of coffee.
and the resurfacing of my sense of humour somewhere a long the way.

the wonderpest recovered as did i;)

it is friday tomorrow, right? please?

(and you KNOW i was freaking out when i did not even take a photo of the flat tire).


m5 said...

I love his face so so much. And ack! what a day!

angela auclair said...

and i didn't even get into the rest of it;)
thank god i had friends to distract me,lololololol

Anonymous said...

Damn, sorry for the sucktastic start. Great thing about Thanksgiving, it makes this week short!

Sara said...

omg that face!! we are currently trying to survive 2. its like a natural disaster...never quite know what to expect ;)

Chantal said...

I know he is sad in that photo but it is so cute. And the little one in the background...perfect :) I hope your Friday is better than today.