Thursday, September 16, 2010

boys - move along, this really will bore you

jenny and i went out on wednesday night.

we were talking about clothes and stuff ( read: insecurities ) and decided to wear our "uncertain pieces" know, the clothing you have that you are just not sure about...yeah. those. and then we would let each other know if it was a yay or nay.

well, the weirdest thing happened.

(well, after i admitted to being a loser and kind of wimping out, and rectifying it thanks to old navy)

i was wearing jenny clothes and jenny was wearing me clothes.
*she has a penchant for leggings and the coziest sweaters and scarves...and i covet short skirts ( fuck you "what not to wear" and your silly age rules ) and taalllllll boots*

very bizarre. the very things we were each super self conscious about were the very things that the other loved best on each other.

go figure.

and then we ate cake, took photos and jumped in the bathroom of the rideau centre. because we could and no one even thought to kick us out while wandering around the mall at 11:00 at night.

nothing like a good little bit of girl bonding:)


heathre said...

you two need to come to portland :) looks like so much fun!!

Capital Mom said...

I love the photo!