Friday, August 13, 2010

it has been a long week

and this morning called for extraordinary measures in terms of toddler entertainment.

we did not need to be at my 11 year old's swim meet until 11:30, and it was still...oh...7:30.
we had run out of things to do.
the big kids were sleeping and that was fine but the wee one was getting ridiculously boistrous.
like, unnervingly loud.

so, i reached way back into my parenting reservoirs, back to when i had clever distracting activities at the tip of my fingers ( read: ten plus years ago ) and remembered water.
water always keeps them busy.
lots of water.

a bath was out, due to the unconscious duo upstairs.
i was still in my pj's and there was a battalion of landscapers outside, working magic on my neighbour's property so the dock, without major effort on my lazy, coffee starved behalf was i turned to the sink.

i had to do the dishes first ( yay for two bird with one stone scenarios ) but once that was accomplished ( god, i hate dishes ) i just added measuring cups and a gentle spray;).
and he was busy.
and quiet.
perched on that chair.
it took him eleven minutes to douse it with water, making it perilous.
necessitating yet another activity change.
but not before he dumped a 3/4 cup of water right over his head, followed by a 2/3 cup right on the passing dog.

eleven lovely, quiet minutes.


Capital Mom said...

I have a kid that will happily spend 20 minutes at the sink. I always have to check the dish board for knives first. :-)

m5 said...

I cannot properly explain how much I love everything about this post.

jag said...

Love the talk-to-the-hand shot! :-) This is a beautiful series of photos...

Isa said...

Just found you via the August Break. What a lovely blog. I love your pictures!!

DaniGirl said...

Only mothers of toddlers think 11 minutes is a long time -- but really? That is an impressively long time! And of course, you multitasked: supervising wet toddler + taking gorgeous pix. Well done!