Sunday, June 24, 2012

the yearly tradition

her digs for the next month, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

of the camp drop off happened today.

miss h danced off into the woods with her counselors and friends with barely a thought to the heartbroken man and boy she was leaving behind...

i, of course, was perfectly fine, with my years of camp love, knowing exactly how much fun this kid is going to have. i did not spend a second being sad over how much i will miss her.

not one second.

maybe a thousand seconds;), but do not tell her that.

i am now alone with a house full of men, with no female respite and understanding.
would she have noticed me crawling into her well worn camp trunk, to stay just a little bit longer? to enjoy even a few minutes of the companionship and independence that being away from home offers?

i fear she would have quickly reminded me that did i not just have that? criss crossing france in the merry company of fantastic women? alone and unencumbered with the responsibilities of home.

oh yes, she would have quickly set me straight.

(for as much as i wanted to stay at camp, she wanted to go to france. fair is fair ).

so, off she went, happy and excited and full of anticipation for what this summer will bring.

and off we went, proud of this girl who is fearless and embraces all the experiences that come her way.

and already missing her before we left the camp gates.

of course the boys are there in spirit. and posters. 1D.

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she got her most terrific counselors from last year!!
yes. he was very sad.


angela auclair said...

let me know if you can not leave a comment...

angela auclair said...

since natalie could not post due to my blog acting is her comment - thank you:))

Natalie Rea
"I got misty at this post... because I see the light in my own daughter's eyes when she talks about (or skips off to) camp.

My parents sent me and I loathed it. They sent my sister and a week extended to a month, extended to the full summer. Soon, she was a counsellor and a waterski instructor. Now a high school teacher, she volunteers at Camp Oochigeas because she loves to see the joy of camp in others :)

With my sister's experience being so positive, I couldn't not send my daughter -- and sure enough, she's never looked back. This year, she's a counsellor overseeing a cabin-full of itty-bitty ringette players :)

Sigh :) "

Amy said...

Yay! I love "following" Holly to camp!