Monday, May 21, 2012

i just want to see some palm trees

we took a quick trip to santa monica, the other day, alex and i.
to meet up with mark and enjoy some sunshine and sand.

anyone who knows me, know my love for this place is huge.

huge. huge. huge. huge.

and every time i go back, that feeling does not change.
there be something magical in that ocean and those mountains. 

the one thing that did change was doing cali on a three year old's itinerary.
i apologize right now for all the people we did not see.
we had three full days of mickey, beach, "carnival" ( little kid speak for the santa monica pier), "pink drinks" ( again, his special name for drinks at bubba gump's) and a few allergic reactions thrown in for fun.

no shopping on melrose. no side trips down the coast. no griffith observatory ( still need to get there ) and no seaside dining in the 'bu.

next time.

what we did have? a very happy sandy little man, happily burping up pink bubbles while spinning wildly on seaside carnival rides and searching for the elusive mickey mouse.

 who remained elusive, due to the hour wait at his toon-y type home. 

we are not *that* good parents.

oh, and having breakfast at jack and jill's in beverly hills while they were filming *bevery hills nannies*
and then some bacon with egg on it, which cut the beverly drive reminiscing tour quickly short ( from when i worked at roots there in 1992...the store is still there;)). oh...but the public bathrooms in beverly hills are spotless. thank you for that.

california, i will be back.

we coordinate for random bird encounters.


bacon is always safe for allergy boy. well. except in beverly hills.

3rd street promenade.

naptime adventure. bad idea.

daddy showing alex how it is done.

beverly hills. we were not there long.


Lynn said...

Heavens, now I am itching to book a plane ticket to California. This place looks like nirvana.

What do you think was the problem with the bacon? It's a go-to traveling food for our allergic kids, too.

angela auclair said...

Hi Lynn -
I think the bacon ( and it is not the bacon in the photo, it was at another restaurant ) may have been cooked on the same griddle as eggs. it is the only thing he ate that morning that i did not double check...i spoke to the waitress before ordering, made sure everything else was safe, but then just ordered the bacon with mentioning that it would be safest to have it in a different griddle. maybe i am wrong. it is hard to pinpoint with him sometimes, but breakfast seems to be the biggest problem meal we have. within 30 minutes, he was having a mild reaction ( messy and uncomfortable but not dangerous ), typical to his regular cooked egg reactions. so frustrating!

Joy Z said...


Unknown said...

Once again, I have picture envy. Your perspective is always so impressive.

Looks like you had a wonderful mini vacay!