Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and all i feel is black and white

 stand tall, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

i was speaking with someone not so long ago and i told them that for every colour photo i have, i have the photo in black and white.

they said they did it as well.

i wonder why? it is not like choosing to make a photo monochrome is easier ( it actually takes me more time to get it right ).

usually? it just feels better to me. more authentic for what i see in the photo.

however, inevitably, my regular crew prefers colour. yep. does not matter how effective i think a shot is in black and white, when i show it to someone in the house the response is "that's nice. do you have it in colour?"

and of course i do.

maybe i should look at it like for every black and white photo i have, i have a colour version.

i think that it comes down to the colour distracting me . i covet the skill of photographers who are able to imbue their photos with magical colours that capture a timeless feel...

but i do not seem to be able to do the same.

i know *how* to do it, it just does not feel right with my photos.

and so black and white it is. kind of like my wardrobe. except if i was processing according to my closet, there would be hits of pink.
so thank me now for not doing that.

because the whole selective colour thing? really not my taste.

and so? black and white it is.

the colour shots will be in the christmas card;)


Julia Lucio said...

I feel the very same way. That's one of the reasons why I chose to do the Local Seeker in Black and White rather than color. Just feels more authentic to me that way.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots! I think a lot of photographers like B&W. It gives a whole different feel to the picture.

Anonymous said...

I think I have been a fan and follower of your photos for about 3 years now and honestly...these took my breath away. They are stunning and the texture is all there. No need for colour at all. Actually once I make a choice, colour of B&W, I discard the other. If I commit to black and white then that is all there is. When it was film it was like that and sometimes I like to stay true to my film days. Keep posting Black and White for awhile.

sharon said...

I feel the same way. Black and white allows me to focus on the image. I find the colour distracts me. I'm like a dog that way. Squirrel!

Karen said...

These ARE really stunning pictures. I want to frame that first one it's so gorgeous.

My mom made me take B&W film on a trip once and I poo-poo'd her idea, but I love the pictures I got from her idea.

You have me wanting to go experiment with some of my pictures now to see what I can do with B&W. I'm a big fan of sepia too.