Sunday, November 6, 2011


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this beautiful little face has been what i have been looking at more often than not over the last few weeks.

after a second bout of illness picked up at his daycare, which was never a good fit for him, we pulled our youngest out.

so now i find myself trying to balance settling in to our new home with the suddenly GINORMOUS needs of a three year old.

terrible twos did not happen for us, really. but the tempestuous threes are hitting pretty hard.

volatile is not over describing his personality right now. he swings from gleeful highs to treacherous lows that have been known to involve long minutes of screaming until he tires himself right out. minutes and minutes and minutes and minutes. like an hour of minutes. and always right under a window. i am sure our new neighbours love us.

i am not new to this motherhood game. i am beginning to wonder if my age now versus twelve and nine years ago is playing a role in my lack of ability to roll with the tantrums. i used to roll with the punches ( metaphorical of course ) so much better. even find humour in them. now? not so much.

i find myself wanting to give in to whatever the demand of the moment is just to reclaim some sense of...quiet in my day.

but i fear what that will lead to the next time. because there will be a next time. and one after that...right? 300 more days of three...

will someone promise me that four is easier? i have forgotten what comes next in the din that is motherhood over here right now.

and anyone who tells me one more time, little kids, little problems? big kids, big problems.

nuh uh.
ain't true.

i have big kids, you can rationalize with them. or at least threaten effectively. there is no bargaining with a three year old. not in this house. not today.


marci said...

I have no idea what you mean, my kids were perfect at 3...hahahaha!! It does go away, I the meantime, take as many oics of him as you can 1. Cause he's soo cute and 2. To use as leverage when he's a bit older ;) #PeaceOut

marci said...

I have no idea what you mean, my kids were perfect at 3...hahahaha!! It does go away, I the meantime, take as many oics of him as you can 1. Cause he's soo cute and 2. To use as leverage when he's a bit older ;) #PeaceOu

Danielle said...

We, too, skipped the terrible twos and dealt with total hell when Z turned three. The good news is that she is now four and things have improved. She still has her moments but she is becoming much easier to bargain with and is also able to express herself better which cut the tantrums down quite a bit.

((Hugs)) Threes are SO tough. But I have no doubt you'll both come through on the other side. It doesn't matter the age - you are a great Mama! :)

Unknown said...

Our terrible twos started at 18 months. The twos were full of tantrums for every little frustration or infraction. At three it was about pushing the envelope and stretching her "manipulation" muscles. Now we're nearing three and a half and *starting* to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's fustrating, but it's all part of growing up. I'm sure four will be better. Right? RIGHT??

Sime said...

Yeah - before I go into the awesome melt downs my two year old has, can I just say that I *love* the photos... really awesome! two year old is a maniac! but I love him dearly... I love him to bits... I love him almost as much as that video I just posted of Justin :D *morning!* --S

angela auclair said...

ha!!! i find that handling toddlers helps in maintaining my friendship with JVL:). have you met his boys yet? one of them pees on things;)).

Sime said...

So I read! Thankfully I'm all the way over in Australia *waves* so I won't be an unwilling recipient of said wee... though, I get that often enough with my little fella, who think's it's hilarious!.... gahhh

Geekgirly said...

I can't believe how fast time has flown by! He's three!!! I wish I could offer advice but alas mothering is not something I have experience in....I suppose just try and maintain your cool self! ;)

glasshill said...

Terrible Twos and Threes, and I'd love to say Four and Five are easier, but they both start with F... (and then there's Six and Seven)

big kids, different troubles, yes you can reason, and they can ignore you and go on their merry way. I sometimes miss the days I could put a child back in their crib and walk away to collect myself. also, people are more sympathetic when you have a misbehaving 3year old, not so much with a 16year old.

this too will pass ;-)