Monday, December 5, 2011

the puppy with no name

puppy with no name, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

joined our family on saturday morning.

he does have name from the animal rescue, the terrific Animatch, which is *Jingles*...but everyone voted to find him a new one, that is chosen by the family:).

( animatch is a non profit animal rescue group. if you are looking for a new dog, they have wonderful dogs available, not only puppies, please check here first..these dogs deserve good homes and the animatch team does a very good job in finding the right home for the right dog ). 

except we can not decide on a name.

everyone has favourites...elvis, elwood, badu, stink eye ( and reddit agrees! ), monty, bowie...but not one that has clicked quite yet.

by the end of today he will have his name. i swear.

until then he is *pupppppyyyyyyyy* and he seems quite content with that.

he is an australian shepherd and lab mix, one of a litter of ten beauties. there was such a mix of colours and eye combinations in that gang, i had never seen anything like it!

we let him choose us and we certainly have a sweet little guy.

sushi is not so convinced yet. as much as she has been forlorn without hudson for the last 9 months...she has not completely embraced her little brother yet. she is a little suspicious of this biting machine.

and the eye.

what can we either love it or find it creepy:).

it is really easy to find him in the dark once he opens his is like a beacon.

maybe that is kind of creepy.

in any case, if you are looking for me? i will be in the backyard in furry slippers saying "go pee".

because that is what puppies do.

all the time.

off to discover my inner dog whisperer...


Andrea said...

He is gorgeous!!!! I love him. I wish I was close so I could snuggle him and sniff his puppy breath!

Can't wait to hear what name arrives for him.

Beacon seems cool...

angela auclair said...

as i was writing the post, i thought the same thing of *beacon* - it is on the list! although i know everyone with say *BACON*!

Sarah said...

He is so adorable!
I want to snuggle him!

Perry said...

I think he's cute and not creepy. His uniqueness is guaranteed. Unlike humans, he won't need a tattoo or piercing to assert his identity.

DaniGirl said...


Oh, he is SO lovely! OMG, what a face! I want one too!!

danigirl said...

I've been thinking about your cutie all morning, and I'm quite convinced his name is Bruce.

Or Buttercup ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I am so jealous, we miss having a dog. You will have trouble followed by mountains of joy. Enjoy...and let us know his name as soon as one fits. Personally I think he looks like a Milo. :)