Tuesday, December 21, 2010

so guilty

so guilty, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.
he drew all over the floor.

i was crippled by the stomach flu.

note the angle?
that is me lying on the floor, too weak to sit up.

but damn, he makes me laugh.

that look on his face is total satisfaction in knowing that i could not do a darn thing to stop him;).

we are in so much trouble with him.

and, as a side note, the tree is still standing, but only by the grace of god ( take your pick of which one ) as it is attacked daily by various assault vehicles ( mainly the pink push car and various air borne hess trucks).

and i am not even daring to put any gifts under the tree this year. after two completely opened playmobil calendars and one set of unwrapped gifts, left unattended on the counter for mere minutes, i don't trust this little 27 month old.

not for a second.

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