Friday, December 17, 2010

got photos? like your life? try this. really.

what a neat way to look back on the last few years...

my pummelvision on youtube

i follow a neat photo site called photojojo.
they have all kinds of photo geek stuff...all the fun stuff:)
and so when *they* posted a link to the site  i took a look.
they have never steered me wrong before.

i am not a huge video fan. i suck at it. despite having a fancy dancy camera that can shoot movies.
and youtube?
it makes me feel old. there. i said it.

but, smooooosh my photos together randomly, for free and make something new out of them?
i was willing to give it a try.
i actually set the wheels in motion a few days ago and then completely forgot about it.
the pummelvision people even warned me it could take days to receive, truly, i was not expecting much.

i was wrong.
i am wrong a lot these days.

i loved this. totally grabbed me and twirled me through the last few years of my life.

go ahead, try it, what have you got to lose?

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Shannon said...

This is super cool! I love my video.