Thursday, December 16, 2010


bedtime, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.
is for suckers in this house.

having discovered candy canes and cupcakes on the same day this week, we have discovered that this child is one of "those" kids.
you know, the kid who just explodes when sugar available.

i always assumed other parents were just being overly enthusiastic when they would describe how their kids would just go crazy with too much candy.


being a confirmed candy freak since childhood, i didn't believe it.
candy is good:)...not a behaviour modifier.

i was wrong.

this child?
add sugar? get wiggy.
an off the wall ball of hyperkinetic activity.
and non stop chattering.
and maniacal giggling.
he was wired after his candy cane cupcake cocktail last night.
careening through the school halls, face smeared with mini cupcake icing, sticky hands grasping the remains of a once striped cane...

(from "le bistro" at the school christmas festival, not a regular night at home where he of course remains a fruit/veggie/meat kid due to his continuing allergies).

so do i learn from this?
perhaps mention to the preschool that my two year old had a saccharine high the night before?
why would i?
those kids don't really exist.

well...i could hear him from outside the montessori building today at pickup.
i walked in and saw the sticky hand reaching towards me...
and i knew.

candy cane intoxication.

the previous night was not a one off.
apparently, after two candy canes at preschool, a gift from santa, our little one was obviously under the influence.
this is our next few weeks.
perhaps forever.

all the way home...a chorus of "candycanecandycanecandycanecandycane"
from the backseat.
he has a new word.
yes, one word, as it is said all in one sweet smelling breath.

and tonight?
a bath to unstickify.
and a toothbrush.