Thursday, November 11, 2010

Le Soldat Inconnu

Le Soldat Inconnu, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.

please take a moment to remember the soldiers of history and the soldiers of today.

holly wrote a poem for remembrance day this year, and is reading it at the school assembly today...and here it is:).

Lest we forget the amazing soldiers
who went somewhere far away from their own homes
to fight for our freedom
No one can just say "Let's go to war, come!"
We salute you! Oh, yes we do!

They went to war to keep us safe.
To keep our peace.
In Flander's Field they lay.
And we achieved what we were fighting for!
So please don't let there ever be more!

So please don't speak during the moment of
especially loudly.
Wear your poppy proudly.
It shows that you care!
Remember, the war can involve your family.
The war could involve your friends.
So thank you to all the soldiers and the veterans.

by, Holly

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