Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a long sick couple of weeks...

and as i type, i have a little ear achey boy at my feet. 
this cold has to let go soon right?

which is a shame because despite all the illness hanging around this house, this last month has been filled with amazing things. 

it actually started way back at the beginning of october...and the impact of it all only came together in my head as i drove through the vermont countryside with my best photo road tripping buddy jen on sunday.

shopping, food and reflection.
not a bad way to spend the day.
and ideas, lots of them.
because being inspired is motivating.
although no photos...which is seriously unheard of for us. 
not even any jumping. 
i am too sick for jumping.

damn, there are a lot of interesting, tragic, good and bad things happening in the world right now.

 and so many interesting people to meet.

and so many ways people are making a difference.

My favourite girls at Heather's Run in Memory of Heather Saaltink, killed by an impaired driver, December 2008.

 makes me want to save the world. 

so much grace and strength right here
 okay, well maybe make a little piece of it a little easier to live in?
is that more realistic?

maybe...but no where near as exciting as trying to save the world;).


all this has to wait until we get better.

because right now? 
it is a challenge to get that cup of coffee in my hands.

so for today, just some rambling and photos from the last little while.


Capital Mom said...

I hope everyone is better soon!

Anonymous said...

Your pics are as always amazing, but that first one is so full of awwwdorableness.

Get better soon.

Margaret said...

love you all.

Maite said...

Take care A. loving your lens baby photos!