Sunday, October 31, 2010

that time of the month again...

i freaking crack myself up:)
it is time for our monthly recap, with the snapshot of us just being us. no fancy setup. although i am starting to think there may be something to be said about matching clothing;). although i personally think miss h's cape adds to her ensemble.

so, october?
you were the busiest month. ever.
or maybe this is just an indication of what life is now?
i thought september was a whirlwind...but then october happened...please, november...take it easy on me, i can't keep up!

jake, jake, jake. this is likely a month you will remember for a long time. nuff said.
you are a good kid. we have to remember that;).
oh, wait, you will likely remind us. frequently.
now please stop making your teachers insane, please.

holly. rehearsals for beauty and the beast, guitar and hockey. and you still have time to have a million ideas for school and your friends. crazy energy, girl.
and so very sweet.
with this being a hard month for many, your care and desire to make those who are hurting feel better makes you the wonderful child you are.

alex. a haircut, a booboo finger, a tick...
that is quite enough excitement for any two year old.
your words are coming...and we are so sad for the day that your own little language will disappear.
you are turning into a good little traveler.
good, not great.
hotels are for sleeping, baby, not waking at 4 a.m...can we work on that?

toronto for thanksgiving, halloweenukkah, tremblant, the "loge, halloween as i type...this was a busy month. hard to keep up with ( oh...sorry about missing that dentist appointment dr. s...i will call you about it next week...and for not getting back to the hair salon for a week to pay...and not returning the catalog to the squire shop...and not...well, frig...i pretty well forgot to do everything this month...).

oh well.
not much to do about all that now.
oh, and us? mark and i? just trying to keep up.
there is a steep learning curve in this parent thing sometimes.

(month 4 of a project of 12 family shots, inspired by tara whitney's six people twelve times project )

out takes...

miss h's face in this one is priceless


Looloo Leigha said...

Fanbootastic! Love A's plaid pants. Maria spends car rides home from Montessori talking about her and Alex :)
Your kids are awesome. Good to know we're not the only famdamily who is late, forgets and is just loving being 'us'.
Happy Crisoween (well, snow angels were possible this morning). Have fun!
The Wolffs

3limes said...

Oh wow. What a month! I do hope November is quieter for you although it is the cold and grey month so stay cosy. Maybe more indoor Alex shots?

Margaret said...

I look forward to these posts. Love feeling like I'm somehow keeping up with all of you. Your kids are the greatest--I know you know that. I haven't even met them and I can tell. Can't get enough of Alex's spots and plaid pants. Hee.

angela auclair said... of this shot is something else? non? but i promised them it would always just be a snapshot...and this is our reality;). colourful and somewhat in your face,lol.

indoor alex shots? sounds lovely:). it is COLD out today:))