Thursday, November 4, 2010


so much going on, so little time to stop and think about anything these days...

in a few weeks a friend is opening up a store in our little city...a beautiful store chock full of funky organic fabrics and wool and turkish towels and beautiful children's things...oh my!

and she has offered to include some of my photographs in her store.
i am so excited:)
one, because it is always lovely to be thought of,
and two...because then i have a reason to visit more often:)
i have been so busy trying to pick the right photos for what i want to share.
these are a few of her favourites.

this business is something quite different for our little area, so keep your eyes posted for more info here. the store is both hands on retail and everyone can enjoy the goodies that she has planned.

and i hope to steal some of the gorgeous light she has in her shop for photos every once in awhile!

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