Thursday, October 28, 2010

cleaning house

and contemplating shots i have not seen in awhile.

i intend to get two other hard drives of photos transferred and accessible again to start culling and reworking photos after some really good discussion the other night ( thanks chris, aka @silverhand ).

it got me wondering how i have changed in *how* i see things over time...
would i process the shots differently now?
will i end up leaving them alone because they shared what i meant at the time?
would i be able to express the growth i have had through re editing or rediscovery or is the image relevant to that time only?
i can't imagine that is true.

and then, what about the shots i outright ignored at the time because i was looking for something different?
what will they now mean to me?

even this week, a week full of shots i liked ( not so common these days ), i dismissed a shot that has actually become my favourite shot of the last little while.
it was just sitting there quietly the whole time, hidden among some way fancier shots, waiting.

1 comment:

Alice said...

ah this reminds me that i really should clean house too. lots of pictures just floating around all disorganized on my hard drives.

i do love this picture you've posted.