Friday, September 10, 2010

a gift from the photo gods

this week has been busy. no time for many photos or the like.
kids to school, forgotten lunches, sudden auditions, last runs for school supplies. return to store to pick up bag of forgotten school supplies. a highish holiday. you know, back to school craziness.
but after hitting three grocery stores yesterday ( an errand i detest more than anything ) to properly equip our high maintenance food needs...i decided to make a quick run in to value village to see if they had any lenses for me. i keep hoping.
so, i headed to the electronics department, and there was a little polaroid 600 just sitting there.

for 2.99.

kinda boring and sad is the "business" edition, whatever that means. obviously needed a home. i figured it would not work, but i like showing my kids what cameras "used" to look like:). 

okay, and i just like them.

so, paid for my new camera and headed to the car.
i have no impulse control ( i would be the kid sneaking the bites of the marshmellow...), so i ripped open the little clear plastic bag they bag everything with in "le village des valeurs" and took a look at my little 600.
and then jokingly held it up and pretended to take a self portrait.
pretended because of course there was no film.


there was.

obviously film with something very wrong with it,lol. but when that familiar whir started, you know...the beautiful sound of a polaroid heading out of it's little camera womb, i just sat there and giggled.

and then ran home and took a photo of my lovely new birthday present from my friends lisa and kev
( my new environmentally friendly portable coffee mug).
because portable coffee and surprise photos?


i just sighed a happy sigh.

(now...what to take with the unknown remaining shots...)


Chantal said...

so fun! :)

kev said...

and here I was thinking you were superimposing your flickr stats graph on pics in post. :)

angela auclair said...

ha! could be...downdowndown...;)