Tuesday, September 7, 2010

through the years...back to school is still a happy day here:)

for them, more than me.

the big kids started school this morning, after a lovely summer of camp and friends and fun.

both were looking forward to it.

grade 6 is a big year...holly is in her last year of elementary school and in a non split class for the first time, with all her besties!

jake, well...i just have a feeling this year is going to be a blast. one of his best friends has switched into his school and if this summer was any indication...well, the teachers may end up with a headache but the kids will be having a great time.
while maintaining honour roll.
right jake?

and i am looking at you to mr. pecore;).

i take the traditional back to school shot, in the same spot at the top of the driveway every year.
this year, on the first rainy back to school day ever, was no different. i just have to stand a lot farther back to get my kids in the frame.
damn puberty making them all tall and stuff.
(sorry guys;)).

the little guy did not have a chance to miss them as our day was full of adventures from start to finish, but he will...last year he tried to pull their school bags from them and this year he was a wee bit pouty in the school yard when we dropped the girlie off.

he is off to preschool for a few days a week, beginning tomorrow.
a photo is likely of course...just didn't want to break tradition with the older ones;).

and just for fun, this is a shot from the year that holly started junior kindergarten and jake was entering grade 3:).
back to school 2003...

hard to believe i will get to do it all over again in two years when alex starts JK.
oh wait?
full day kindergarten you say, ontario?
perhaps not then;).


Geekgirly said...

your kids are adorable Ang!

Anonymous said...

You take Great photos. Hi I found you from August break.

glasshill said...

that last picture, that's the year we left. it's been so long