Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so my printer died.

which usually would be a non issue...except that my two last photos for "the august break" were taken with my little fuji instax and i need my scanner to load them.

printer, you were good while you lasted...

so, i will be off to secure a new one...any suggestions?
i have a HP right now...but will happily explore something new if someone has an awesome suggestion:).

i need a printer that can make beautiful enough prints...not top of the line but maybe nicest of the mid range.

until then, my august 24 and august 25 photos will remain perched beside my computer screen...memories of justin bieber and the first annual "carrot cake off" impatiently waiting for their turn in the limelight.

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Justin Van Leeuwen said...

Do you want a printer or a scanner? Otherwise your printer will break again and you won't have a scanner - which you seem to need.

Do you have a camera-fax? or a lens/hat?