Monday, August 23, 2010


i have a few of them.
all cameras.
all cute.
some in pretty colours.

and i got a new one today:)
it was going to be a birthday gift to me...but it kept calling me from it's little box. so it is now opened and has become a pre birthday gift.

meet my fuji instax mini:)

she is really small and cute and pops a photo out of her top.
like a polaroid?
yep, kinda:).
the photos are much smaller but the premise is the same.

(here...a much better link)

and the anticipation?

still there and as exciting as when i was a kid.

i sat there, making mark watch it develop with me ( he, for the record, did not share in my excitement so much. but i am SURE he was happy for me. really). i probably squealed at one point.

i only took the two photos tonight.

the film is expensive enough not to want to waste it on random shots.
or on many random shots. because these shots are really is nothing to write home about...other than it is the wonderpest in the bath looking stunned which is a miracle because he will not even GLANCE at my "real" camera any more (novelty is key with him apparently) and a messed up selfie of me with the new addition ( yes, i knew it would not turn out well...but i am somewhat impulsive).

so, yeah.
happy pre birthday to me:)

( could be worse...i could want jewelry...cameras are not that bad...)

shot of the baby for the august break

i can't believe i forgot to include this...
this woman sealed the deal on my finding some way to take photos that i could have in my hand to play with almost immediately...i just love her work.
so please visit and say hi:)
and her website

i found her through flickr's "the august break 2010" and look forward to her daily posts.


Anonymous said...

oh, so nice, I want, camera, not toddler...

Capital Mom said...

I love the photos. They don't look random at all.

jesshibb said...

Wow, thank you so much for mentioning me! I love your self-portrait. Hope you have fun with your new instant camera! :-)

C. Knack said...