Thursday, August 26, 2010

so...the whole printer thing...yeah...about that...and justin bieber too...

i really should have checked the plug...

the HP lives on to scan another day.
and for that i am grateful, because really, there are many more exciting things i would like to spend my money on.

so, i am playing catch up in the august break challenge of a photo a day.

august 24th will likely not be a day soon forgotten for my dear daughter.
it was the day justin bieber came to town.
the tickets were bought in march, in anticipation of her 11th birthday, and it seemed like this day would never come...

(okay, i could insert mildly snickery comments at any time, but i am choosing not to because whatever i may feel about this whole pales in the excitement she had and wonderful night it provided for the both of us to share together. so thank you justin, for that. and the continuing deafness in my left ear that was brought about by the screaming that your gentle platitudes from the swinging heart and your acoustic guitar inspired in the thousands of young girls around me. thank you. )

and she was ready, with her purple attire and justing bieber "love me V.I.P. package" bling.

it was the happiest day of her life, she told me, after the concert, while listening to the post justin bieber show on KISS FM ( thanks for continuing the mood, mr. radio station )  and nodding off with a sleepy smile on her face.


i keep reminding myself that justin is my shaun cassidy and dirk benedict all rolled into one...and then i am the one wearing a goofy smile;).

and i was not kidding about the swinging heart...


kev said...

rule #1 with anything that has a cord is always "is it plugged in?" :)

s'funny how cel phone screens have taken the place of lighters. old tradition, new tech. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Having never experienced the 'squee-I-love-him' phase, I sort of dread this with V.

But, if she would look half as happy as your DD in that first photo, then it would totally be worth it.