Sunday, August 1, 2010

i am totally copying someone.

actually, she has openly shared her project and encouraged others to i am not totally copying.
tara whitney is a fabulous photographer in california. so fabulous in fact, that i have actually dreamed about her taking photos of my family.
weird, but true.
these are the things i dream of.
photo things. and photographers. 
tony fouhse was in my dream last night, but that is another topic totally.

tara has a fabulous talent, capturing wonderful stories of every family she meets and creating such beautiful photographic treasures of that place and time.
she inspires me greatly.
and then she began this project
six people twelve times
and i just fell in love with it.
tara is a wonderful writer and storyweaver and the events that she shares every month are touching and honest and true.

 and as of july 30, 2010 have started my own monthly capture of my gang.

however begrudgingly they submit to it.

no family is perfect, but they are perfect for you.
i think we all know that.
and sometimes the most imperfect photo is the one that is the most honest.
i am not planning on setting up anything near formal or professional or uncomfortable.
once a month i am going to snap us all together...and that is it.
no planned anything.
it will be random and awesome.
so i tell them. over and over and over again.

i know they will love it when they are older.
and are torturing their own children:)
who will be laughing at their parents.
which seems only fair to me.
(and of course these children of the future will undoubtably be noting how incredibly youthful their own grandparents looked;)).

so, month one of my as of yet unnamed family photo project has begun.

taken with my g10, because that is what i had on hand, as we were leaving in a rush for the highland games of 2010.
games that the older two children did not want to attend.
but ended up loving.
which definitely had something to do with the mini donuts...

(and i KNOW the first photo is too big for my blog layout thingie. too bad. i like it;)) and will one day have a blog to match my photos,lol)

(and deal with the sappiness @Bloomy999 )


m5 said...

love the idea!! and that oldest boy of yours in that shot. ha!

Anonymous said...

Ang - you're the best. I love the candid shot - especially of Jake. Its fitting that he has a nose in a book. Are you going to post the other pictures when you take them? Its a great idea, whomever it belongs to!!!

Christine said...

I love Tara Whitney! I've had dreams of driving down to SoCal to have her shoot us!! I'm so glad you did this, it's a great idea and We just may do the same!! Oh the teen years.. I'm scared already - hahahah!!

Amy said...

I've been thinking of doing this project too! It was my birthday yesterday and with us leaving in less than two weeks, I figured this year is going to give me the chance to do some fun projects like this. Not that I couldn't do it if we were staying here, but I like big punctuation marks like moves, birthdays, etc. It will be fun to see your project progress.

(Also, re the blog size, why not just widen it? With bloggers (somewhat) new blog designer, there are a lot more options. Have you tried it?)

C. Knack said...

that is so wonderful! just the past couple of days I started thinking about how we get hung up in getting a particular style of photo, you know what I mean, the ones that make everything look "fabulous",the ones that project a certain image -but what about the good old photos of our families, our people, just as they are, doing what they do. Isn't someone going to want to look through a photo album or box of photos one day and see those?
what a great idea!

angela auclair said...

i have to admit...the teen years have been easy on us so far - he is a great teen ( hope he does not read this and it go to his head;))! but this shot does crack me up. i promised that they did not have to do anything they didn't want to - just be there for it:)...let their natural personality shine...

Lara said...

I LOVE it. Maybe I'll try. And I'm going to check out Tara Whitney's site now! :)