Sunday, August 1, 2010

the august break

I rarely need an excuse to take a photo, but there is a sweet little flickr group that was introduced to me by  meg, via candace, that is encouraging photographers to share a photo daily on their blog for the month of august.

the august break

and so i am.

ever see things that just make you deathly curious? like why would a huge ship docked in a port have fans in every single porthole? yeah, that kind of thing.
well, i am off to find out.
and here is why i am so curious.


m5 said...

wait. every single one? that's just weird.

really love the shot with the concentric circles.

angela auclair said...

some portholes had 4 or 5 fans in them...still looking for answers. because i have a million other things that need avoiding;)

m5 said...

I've spent days online trying to figure out why they do certain things to the train tracks outside. still searching. ;)