Monday, August 2, 2010

august 2nd, 2010

and a photo that will remind many of my friends of chidlhood jaunts to the orange julep for hot dogs and burgers.

love this place, no matter how old i get.

even alex was reaching for it when we drove in the other night.
there is simply something so appealing about a giant orange on the side of the decarie expressway.
who knew;).

and speaking of old, it is officially a month till my birthday.
yes, i count down.
i have not in a few years...but for some reason, my old birthday joy has returned:).

i am participating in a photograph a day group on flickr, the august break.
there is much talent there, visit if you get a chance.

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Vanessa said...

Great shot Angela, love the nostalgic feel of it.