Tuesday, July 6, 2010

yeah. it's hot.

but i love it.

every warm sticky moment of it.
like a big, fat, hot hug.

i know this past winter was not the worst or the coldest or the snowiest we have had...but it absolutely felt like the longest.
and then we got that serious summer tease for a few weeks that melted back into way too many days of rain?
i was becoming so disheartened.
a true northerner nor west coaster i am not.
i need sunshine.

so to have consistent sunny warmth for an extended period of time?

thank you very much, i will take it and be happy.

the only hitch?
the baby.
he is not faring so well in the heat, as little ones so often don't.
so, i temper my desire to bask ( sunscreened, of course ) on the beach for endless hours.

instead, we are spending every glorious chance we get hanging in the froggy pool.
every wonderful music blaring, freezie sucking, water splashing, magazine flipping, toddler shrieking moment of it.

i even put on a bikini.
it is that hot.
sorry kevin ( my neighbour ).
i am pretty sure you had no idea what you were signing up for when you moved next door.

oh...and a little jane austen for the less enthused of us, flushed and sweaty in the humidity...

What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.

i can handle the inelegance a little bit longer...

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3limes said...

Oh I love hot and sticky inelegance. Especially in Canada where it is oh so deserved. Somethings in life are too long: school assemblies, documentaries on the earth worm; some are too short: ice cream on a stick, bottle of wine with a friend, a Canadian summer.