Friday, July 9, 2010

BOLO - Blog Out Loud Ottawa 2010

so, i am very new to this whole blogging thing.
my reasons for exploring it are largely self indulgent:).

i did not realize that there was a whole wide world of passionate bloggers out there, with so much to say, so well.

i attended BOLO for a couple of friend Dani from postcards from the mothership was reading from her blog and i was thrilled to be able to go and support her. 

kids in the capital  's lara also put together an album of the "ABC" challenge photos from her blog and flickr group in which i participated, so thought it would be fun to peruse that.
the #bolo tweets and guest list growing minute by minute on twitter also got me curious.

and, let's be honest, it was a fab excuse for a night out.

well, let's just say that i was blown away.
my little world of understanding blogging grew about a million times greater that night.
so many people to get to know. so many words i need to read and digest and experience.
for a voracious reader, oversharer and eavesdropper...this is a freaking gold mine for me:).

so thank you to the readers who stood up there and shared a little bit of your worlds.
it was fun.
really fun:)

i recognized the passion that i have for images in the words  of these talented writers. 
you just get swept away when someone's truth is thrown out there for you.
and i certainly was.

for more info and a list of the readers visit bolo 
my photos from the evening can be found here: BOLO set


Amy said...

That picture of me is not the prettiest, but I'm okay with that. It makes me laugh cause I remember at one point realizing that I hadn't let go of the mic since I'd gotten up there! Like if I were to let go, I'd fall over. Or run away.

I for one am very glad you came out. I know it was quite the drive for you.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there; would be good to be part of a community of bloggers.