Sunday, July 4, 2010

this and that

first off, my favourite photograph of the week.

photography for me is about capturing that moment where the real you/him/her/me peeks through, and this is what i caught here. every bit of his mischeviousness, happy little self in a snap.
with my point and shoot.
this shot made me very happy indeed.

secondly, i have a favourite photgrapher.
tony fouhse is an ottawa photographer who has several series that just blow my mind.
his work from traveling the American South.
April + Eric.
his take on the creation of a photograph is well worth exploring.
he also writes a blog, which he fills with the day to day of a working/showing photographer as well as sharing work that inspires him.
so i am sharing him with you:)


my third point is a very specific complaint, but does cross over to the real world.
it is about support and finding value in your own world as opposed to constantly measuring yourself against others.
and then becoming whingy and bitter, and cloaking observations in humour when really, all they are are pouty complaints about a  popularity contest only you are completing in.
get over it.
get over yourself.
if you spent more time supporting the people in your community, perhaps you would be in a happier place.

i feel much better now:)

and fourthly?
is that even a word?
(not that it much matters as i make up words as i go anyways)

happy 4th of july to my american friends!

we had our canada day this week and it felt good to celebrate where we live and love and work and play.
we are pretty damn lucky, all of us.

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candace said...

thank you for sharing all of this!