Thursday, February 7, 2013


more tea, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

actually neo citron is more appropriate these days.

we have been sick since christmas, unable to escape the germ cycle. tea and honey, lemons, cold FX, vicks capo rub on chest and soles of the feet, tylenol cold and flu child meltaways, advil cold and flu for name it, we have tried it.

washing hands, opening windows, cold air humidifiers, raised pillows, lysol.

and still we can not shake the bug.

flu season? oh yeah. it has taken out two of us already and has been toying with the remaining three, mercilessly, endlessly.

hell, even the dogs have been sick.

and no, we did not have the flu shot. we should have had the flu shot. next year we may be first in line.

and speaking of neo citron, my go to sickness comforting godsend...where are you???
pharmacy shelves are empty of you, replaced by "hot lemon drink" which pales in lemony comparison.

i have one package left of the good stuff. it is likely past it's due date since neo citron has been removed from stores since march ( amazing what google can tell you ) i compared ingredients, i KNOW the new stuff is not going to cut it, and i am saving it. for tomorrow.

because dammit, i am sick.

( and thanks to holly for her patient tea cup modelling in the frigid cold )

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Canadian Dad said...

I'm sorry you've been so sick. I lost most of December due to illness and recovered just in time for Christmas. I hope things start to look up soon and it's nice to see the blog back ope for business!