Wednesday, January 9, 2013

four at four

four at four, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

four photos at four
four pm when you are four

it is just tiring some days.

for him, not for me. i just have to remember that he has a lot going on ( growing and learning is demanding stuff ) and that it is hard to keep it together.

and the end of the afternoon is when it always unravels. four o clock is meltdown o clock. we can count on it. i have moved around his schedule, fed him, played with him, taken him for drives...but these days? i am just coming to terms with the fact that four o clock is no one's friend.

it is just as though he can not find anything soothing or any distraction to take away the frustration of not being able to get everything out that he has in his head. he is trying hard.

"i have been patient"

this is what he says when he feels he has reached his limit.

and so i remember to be patient with him.

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Tony Fouhse said...

get him an Xbox and go take a nap.