Monday, August 13, 2012

the august break, ten

the august break, ten, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

so, i may be a few days behind.
the posting of photos, the writing down of the moments got away from me this weekend.

not the taking of photos, of course. that never stops.

although how i take my photos is changing...the mom of the littlest guy on the right is now the owner of two of my favourite lenses. no more has moved on to a new family, as has the never used enough 35mm. they have a lovely new home and i can not wait to see the images they help make for my friend.

well, if she can keep up with her little guy;).

i am back using my 50mm/f1.4 as often as possible. with a stupid back that will not play nice, a sweet, little light lens is just the way it needs to be now.

i think i will always fall back to that lens, though, even when i get my back back.

while i do love the complete versatility of my 24-70mm/ is heavy.
and i bang it.
a lot.
on tables and the side of my truck and on the top of alex's head.
for everyone's safety, and the fact that that lens must remain intact for an upcoming adventure, the fiddy returns.

ahhhhhh. lenses. i have been lucky to be surrounded by people who love cameras this summer. camera talk by the pool.
just fun.
and now, with the last of my non full frame friendly glass gone, i can toy with what will be my next addition...

anyone else changing gear out there?

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Christine said...

I know little about cameras other than I love taking pictures and that I need more zoom... There is never enough zoom!!

Therefore I think I need to get into one of these conversations about camera equipment ...please.....:)