Thursday, August 9, 2012

the august break, eight

the august break, eight, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

i was telling a good friend today about how at the end of every august, that i can look back and see clearly where my priorities were for that month, through the photos i have taken.

but that usually how it takes the full month to see what that is.

and that often i am unclear on what i have really been experiencing until i see the 30 days together, as a cohesive interpretation of my month.

this month? it is crystal clear to me now. today.

it is about the children and the relationships i have because of these kids ( including mine).
and how this year, this month, this day, how these connections make me happy and whole.

the august break, nine

a loss was experienced today, within my circle. the kind of loss that shakes you to the core. 

these faces i photograph are precious. and need to be loved and appreciated every single day. because we are blessed to have them.

and sometimes, even in loss, we are blessed to have had them for any time at all.

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