Sunday, August 21, 2011

the goodbye girls

the goodbye girls, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

tonight is the last sleepover that holly will be having in this house.
not the last sleepover with her friends, just in this house.

and yes, she will be moving a bit away from her friends...but not that far.
in any case, we are celebrating friendship and hanging out and fun times and laughter and silly jokes and a lot of giggling tonight.

these kids have been friends forever, since JK for three of them, and almost as long for the youngest of the group;).

their moms are pretty awesome too;). perhaps we should have had a sleepover as well...

so, one last night of her regular normal until the packers come in the morning.

and then?
the beginning of our new normal.

(the littlest one still does not get what is going on, other than he will be living near his cousins and the big boy is heading out to a friend's house as his sister got dibs on the basement;). he will likely still be here more than in montreal for the next few months - other than school - and that is okay too.)

but for tonight? all girl giggle fest.
and even though mother nature did not allow for the photo plan i had...i hope this serves as a good memory for the group of them all the same.

and yes, it is a miracle they did not fall in.


Anonymous said...

My tears are flowing.
Beautiful shoot of our beautiful ya Ang!

Holly Bloomfield said...

Thank you SO much mom! This is so amazing! The girls and I read this together and we love it! I love you!