Thursday, July 28, 2011

you guys are awesome.

i have come home to emails every single day about purchasing prints for raising funds to help the famine relief effort in africa.

so far, 20 prints have sold to people i know and people i do not ( thank you for spreading the word! ).

400$ raised so far.

as an update to the ongoing efforts to get food to the people who need it desperately, amanda lindhout and the global enrichment foundation, along with hope for the nations and the african future, are working together to organize a convoy of food.

the convoy is planning to leave on july 30th, 2011 from nairobi, kenya and travel to dhoobley, somalia.

the goal is to feed 50,000 people, with each food basket able to feed a family of five for two weeks.

this is a "rapid response" to help save people's lives, people who are walking in extreme heat, with no provisions, carrying infants and children, to reach the safer haven of refugee camps.
there is a crisis at the camps as well. but people are dying trying to get there every day.

the canadian government will match the funds donated to this initiative and they will be channeled through cida.

at first, i was a little taken aback by some of the concerns that were brought up by different people in about talking about this disaster. the worries that you do not know where the money is going, that the food will not reach the people in need, just the people in charge, that the money goes to operating costs and not is almost an expected scepticism these days. and an excuse.

call me naive;).
i still believe that in all the crap that does go on in the world?
that there are honest groups and ways of helping.

and the unbelievable response i have gotten from so many has reminded me that people *want* to help, but sometimes just need the information on *how* to help.

so please, donate to whichever group you trust.
there are many reputable, trusted, organized charities involved in getting monies and food to the people who need it. i have a list of good ones.

and again, the canadian government is matching your donations when you give. so you are giving double. 

i am still selling prints, i have 30 more to sell until i run out of *this* plan to raise money.
and again, you can find the selection of prints here:).

and again?

thank you:).


Amy said...

Just want to let you know that I plan to order something, just have to decide which print I love the most!

P.S. You're awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! That is my print above - can't wait to get it and such a great cause :) xo Lisa (i have to pick "anonymous" to post since I don't know what to choose otherwise!! :)