Saturday, July 30, 2011

and in our daily lives

it is really quiet.

 holly has been at camp for not quite a week and man, do we notice.
alex is not thrilled with us. he realized right quick at camp drop off that this was *not* something he was going to like. 
he made his displeasure VERY clear. 
he kinda digs her...

we got the email yesterday letting us know that our "daughter will be participating in the camp drama production on visitor's day"
so don't miss it. 
like we ever would in a million years? it is the highlight of our summers now!

who can forget the 2010 production of the *lion king* 
( it launched her love of the stage, for real, our little simba )
or the 2009 rendition of *the sound of music* where holly got to play both nun and nazi.

( oh, camp O? the email way less freaky than getting a phone call like last year. thank you for not scaring the beejeesus out of me this year. you *never* ever ever ever want to get a phone call from camp. that is almost always a bad thing ).

oliver is the play this year.
this should be good. 

she will likely have completely embraced the persona of a dusty street urchin by the time we get to camp to visit, (despite the camp's best intentions)

i have not received any letters yet. 
but i will. 
and they will consist of about two sentences and inside jokes 
( with parentheses saying this is an inside joke, do not expect to get it mom). 

she got her tent as hoped for.

she had a moment of panic when she did not recognize the name of where she was staying for the 4 weeks. 


the idea of a cabin was just untenable to her.
but when the familiar canvas appeared, with her name on her cot inside, she literally breathed a sigh of relief.
and i am NOT making this up.

anyways. must run. have a care package to pack, a toddler to entertain, a teen to rouse ( who was not thrilled to realize that his workload doubles when his sister escapes to paradise) and someone else to distract, who is missing his girl very much.


Lisa said...

Awwwww...I want to go to camp. I love your family stories.

margaret said...

you guys really are an amazing family.