Tuesday, July 5, 2011

blog out loud ottawa 2011

this time last year, this blog was a few months old. barely kind of there.

through my network of photography - slash- twitter - slash - social media type friends i heard about *blog out loud*.
the year previous, in 2009,  a group of ottawa area bloggers got together to share their writing through readings. a simple and wonderful idea.
so, being the joiner that i am, i begged dani of postcards from the mothership to make sure she was there so i had someone to sit with while i immersed myself in this new to me ( not to the area ) world of blogging...

what was i rewarded with?
an evening of thoughtful, funny, moving, delicious, assertive, wonderful words:). it was terrific.
i even, gasp, wrote about it here.

so guess what?

it is that time again!


the 2011 edition of BOLO is being held this Thursday, July 7th at The Preston at 7 P.M.

all the relevant deets can be found here - awesome BOLO info  - as well as information about who will be reading and the photographers who will be sharing their work ( i am included among this group).

you do not need to blog to enjoy this evening. It is a great night to get out and meet some of the creative types around the ottawa area ( although the group does pull from far and wide ). the readers cover topics from parenting to food to politics to geeks...to the infamous red bra...

i even got flashed:).
well, we all did.
you never know what might happen...

so come out and definitely say hi if you do:)


DaniGirl said...


Amy said...

That was the night I met you! Ah, the memories...

So sad I won't be there this year. :( Stupid government and their stupid change of plans (three times) that ruined my chance to be at BOLO this year.

Anonymous said...

Were you there? Did I miss you?