Thursday, June 23, 2011

so my sister nicki has this thing.

and tomorrow at 1:30, she is going back into surgery to have some more of this thing gotten rid of.
the thing about this thing is that...

i hate it.

i hate that she has it.
i hate that her kids have to deal with this.
i hate that her husband has to deal with this.
i hate that i am here and not there.

i am glad she is getting great care. i am glad my mom is there to help. i am glad she has an awesome group of friends:). i am glad that i have an inbox full of wonderful news about people and their terrific successes with their things.

but i will be most glad when my little sister is out of surgery and back making really awesome jokes. the kind of jokes that make you need to pee.
and that are really wrong but oh so right when they come out of her mouth;).

until then, i am asking for your unadulterated positive thoughts and prayers ( you gotta know i mean it when i am asking for those ) just before 1:30 tomorrow.
and for the whole time after 1:30.
and for the next 10 days of discomfort and recovery.
and, well, okay...

i am asking for your good thoughts until this thing...this stupid thing called breast done with.

and i know it will seem really long now, and that in just a little while we will be looking back, sipping our wine and rolling our eyes and saying, "man, that sucked".

but until then?
your thoughts are appreciated.

you don't need to comment,  just knowing you are thinking kind thoughts is good enough:).

but if you have happy stories of bad boobs gone good? i would be thrilled to hear them:).

because i am a little busy trying to round up a magic wand and a unicorn.
no one said this was going to be easy...


margaret said...

{{{{hugs, angela}}}}

my mom had to go in twice for surgery. and you know she's doing her thing now. ;)

it sucks, and is awful sometimes, and amazing sometimes. my thoughts and love are with you both. and kate is a fierce resource if need be. xo

Marlene Thoms said...

I will be thinking good thoughts for your sister. I have three friends who are breast cancer survivors. A very good friend had a mastectomy and reconstruction and has been cancer free for 11 years now!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Until now, I did not know of this.
Of course, wishing and fingers crossed, hoping.
The woman who lives across the street from me, the woman who sat beside me at work at the time, and my current real boss except for the fact she is still home recovering, all got better.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

the only magic wand i can offer is words from my husband.....I'm working on this.

Anonymous said...

You know I am with both you and Nicki in my heart, always. I am sending out all the positive vibes I can gather. I attended a meetigeith a bunch of oncologists a few months ago, and tehir take was that we;ve gotten to the point where, for most people diagnosed, breast cancer is a chronic disease, not a terminal one. So take heart and know that I am thinking of you both and I am always around if you need somewhere to vent, yell, cry, or rejoice. Just a call away.

Andrea said...

I'll send all the positive thoughts and energy and all of it that I have.

I don't have any breast cancer happies (only because I don't have any breast cancer anythings!) but I do have cervical and uterine cancer happies. One of which is my sister.

Hugs, love, wands, and unicorns for you. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Nicely done. Thanks
(the husband)

AntiJenX said...

Sending all my love, good vibes, anti cancer mojo and everything else I can muster to you all. ♥ ♥ ♥

Sarah said...

Lots of good thoughts and energy headed your (her) way. Love and light and unicorns wielding magic wands.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your sister.
Two co-workers in different countries had boobs gone bad around the same time. They went through tonnes, but now they're good.

amanda said...


DaniGirl said...

A little late, but all my best thoughts with Nickie and you and the family. And? You totally did not have to write your names on that photo. I'd picked you out before I even noticed the scribbles!! ;)

Kelty said...

Thinking positive thoughts your way. I am an expert at this - my dad has this thing again too :(.