Monday, June 20, 2011

blah blah blah

i had a whole post written about my photo angst and decided that it was really boring.

suffice it to say that i do not like *not* taking photos.
i actually missed the constant rejection of my children.
(well, except for one...expect a total grade six grad spread for miss h shortly;)).

so, i just took some damn photos.
i wonder if i ever actually take them for anyone else other than me, really.


nelly said...

you take them for you, but we appreciate them as well :)
the little man looks awesome with his california surf dude ensemble + hair!

heathre said...

i had that conversation with myself this weekend - the whole 'what is the point? do i only take pics for myself? is that enough?' blab blah blah. feel free to photo angst to me anytime.

and for the record. i LOVE your photography - these shots of alex are wonderful. so thanks for taking them for me :)

margaret said...

I'm with Heather. I think I'd go crazy without your photos. I love watching your family do its thing, and I love watching Alex grow up. On top of that, I learn from your photos and am inspired by them. So while I know you can't take many right now, don't think too much about what it means. ;)

I have friends who hate when I shoot them. A few of them have said it's because their parents took so many photos. I tell them "too bad" and shoot anyway.

Amadika said...

and here I thought you were taking them for us.. cuz we do enjoy them almost as much as you do, you know that right?! :)

and these are no exception.. they are all awesome.. especially the first one !!! :))

You really have a talent for capturing precious everyday moments.. don't ever doubt that one secodn.

Lisa said...

I've been wondering the same thing lately...

But I love your pictures. And, I look forward to seeing your name pop on my little flickr stream!

Anonymous said...

Love that last pic!

And even though I'm hauling my camera around again, I'm still not doing anything with it.

Tamara said...

I'll be referring to this post when I get whining and I need someone to remind me to just "take some damn photos" :)

Love the last photo.